Detect Microsoft ADV170012 vulnerable machines via Configuration Manager

Microsoft published yesterday a security advisory (ADV170012 -Vulnerability in TPM could allow Security Feature Bypass), that shows a key generation weakness in Infineon’s TPM chip firmware. To solve the issue we first have to update the firmware of all vulnerable machines, so we have to identify them. As always, ‘Configuration Manager – Hardware Inventory’ can […]

You need an enterprise grade client management tool

I still see enterprises trying to go simple with their Windows clients: somehow deploying Windows 10, applying GPOs and just using WSUS to apply updates. But this leaves many points open in the management of the client ecosystem. Firmware-settings The new Windows 10 guards heavily depend on virtualization technologies, so beyond TPM 2.0, UEFI and […]

VMware Workstation Pro Tech Preview 2017

VMware Workstation Pro Tech Preview 2017 is available. But even if it is now supporting Virtualization Based Security (VBS) features in Windows 10 guests, it still can’t be used on VBS enabled Windows 10 hosts. So, in enterprises VMware-based VMs still need to be converted in Hyper-V-based VMs.

Extend Configuration Manager Hardware Inventory with INTEL-SA-00075 discovery information

Intel discovery tool Download the Intel discovery tool: If the Intel-SA-00075-console.exe is executed with ‘-c’ it creates registry entries for the scan result, e.g. Extend hardware inventory I used RegKeytoMOF 3.3 (credits to Mark Cochrane – with help from Skissinger, SteveRac, Jonas Hettich, Kent Agerlund & Barker) to create the mof-files to extend the […]

Credential Guard w/o Hyper-V Hypervisor? – NO!

Starting Windows 10 1607 the pre-installation of Hyper-V Hypervisor for Credential Guard is no longer necessary (s. Protect derived domain credentials with Credential Guard). After activating Credential Guard via GPO or registry the process lsaIso.exe is running. Msinfo32 is showing Credential Guard activated and a hypervisor is detected. But Windows Features shows Hyper-V Hypervisor not […]