Virtualization Based Security vs. Thunderbolt DMA attacks

Direct memory Access (DMA) attack DMA Allows I/O devices to transfer data directly to or from memory without having the data handled by the CPU   DMA controller (DMAC) Defines the operational mode interactions with CPU (system bus) DMAC does not control access to memory areas First party DMA Peripherals can have their own DMAC, […]

Using Windows 10 internal rings in Workplaces changes

After the internal ring concept is implemented it should be used for processing all changes in Workplace configuration: settings, standard applications, quality updates and feature updates. GPO To test new settings in the rings, run ring specific settings in separate GPOs, selected by WMI filters Configuration Manager To create collections based on the rings, the […]

Windows 10 internal rings & WMI branding

Windows-as-a-service (WaaS) requires a stable process for testing feature updates. You don’t want to discuss all over again, who is involved in testing what applications multiple times a year. But once you have the process in place it should be used for testing all changes: new or updated standard applications, software updates or settings. Continued […]

VMware Horizon & Windows 10 Virtual Secure Mode

The current version of VMware Horizon 7 (VDI) is not able to handle Windows 10 Enterprise features based on Virtual Secure Mode (VSM). This is based on issues with nested hypervisors from different manufacturers. VMware tries to solve the situation by explaining that a VDI infrastructure that regularly refreshes the virtual machines (VM) is not […]