If an IT-security company is more interested in their business model than in IT security

This week Kaspersky Lab filed complaints against Microsoft at the European Commission and German Federal Cartel Office on Windows Defender Anti-Virus (Antitrust: Pursue It in Europe We Must)

Home users

So, Kaspersky do you really want to bring us back to the time users bought devices with 3rd party anti-malware apps pre-installed, that required them to pay to stay updated (of cause nobody did that in real world, so it gave a false impression of security)? Shouldn’t an IT security company be happy that the OS can defend itself, using the long existing, stable Windows Update technology to ensure engine and definitions are updated by default at no cost?
For the results in AV competitions, especially for 0-days, it is proven that the test methodology is impacting the results. (if you remove intentionally all behavior monitoring features, you will have bad results in 0-day detection)


I’m personally in the situation that I still must use a 3rd part anti-malware on Windows 10. So, Windows Defender Anti-Virus steps aside and just controls the 3rd party. That works great, doesn’t create any overlay or costs performance. But if 3rd party fails (services not running or definitions to old) it just steps in and takes over control, so the system is still secured. If the 3rd party is working again, Windows Defender Anti-Virus steps back again. A great feature, isn’t it?
But of cause if it time to renew the contract I will question the money spend on 3rd party anti-malware. Why should I spend money on a feature that is already build-in if it is not advancing security? We can spend the money on other security technologies or make the workplace cheaper.
The 3rd part anti-malware is responsible by far for the most blue-screens and creates the most problems in feature updates. But if I open a case on the 3rd party they are always can deliver a hotfix, so they are just not testing. They are not running tests against insider builds or new feature releases. It is a quality management issue on the 3rd party that is causing the issues.
You are also complaining that Microsoft is changing Windows 10 to often twice a year. So you want to bring us back to the time we received new security features only every couple of years, so we can’t stay ahead or close to the bad guys? Do you really think this would make us more secure? Welcome to the agile world.

So, instead of blaming others: get your development agile, let quality test against feature updates and insider builds, collaborate with Microsoft, adjust your business model by creating benefits or step aside if you don’t want to help making the IT environment more secure.

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